Travel sketching en Bologna

From 16th to 19th June 2023

Bolonia is a perfectly preserved city. Also called “the red city” because of the color of its houses and roofs, Bologna knows how to enchant with its picturesque beauty and its historical atmosphere.

For 4 days we will discover Bologna by drawing it. We will walk through its many squares and porticos which seem to have no end, with our sketching kit.

We will draw in different places in the city, looking for themes and environments that inspire us.

This workshop is open to people wishing to learn or improve their drawing skills in Urban Sketching. It also aims to discover Bilbao with a creative and personal approach through drawing.

During this workshop you will learn to develop your sense of observation to depict a bit of everything that surrounds you in your sketchbook:
buildings and emblematic elements of a place, characters, street scenes, arquitectural details… We also will remind in a playful way some fondamentals of drawing, such as perspective and composition, and we will learn to forget them from time to time to play with the spontaneity of our lines.
We will also explore complementary techniques to drawing such as collage, typography and watercolor.

Observation, experimentation and letting go will be emphasized.

This course will help you acquire the confidence and ease which are necessary to progress.

Taller Sketching Bolonia


From 16th to 19th June 2023

Friday to Sunday : from 10h to 17,30h.
Monday: from 10h to 13h.

We will communicate the meeting point to the participants by email.

We will communicate the programm of following days the first day of the workshop.

Nothing is scheduled for lunches and diners. People are free to eat on their own or with the other students.

We will mainly walk during the day and occasionally take public transport.

Sketch-Barcelona reserves the right to cancel this workshop in the case of not reaching a sufficient number of registered participants.

More information

How the workshop is planned

I have planned the workshop so that all the participants can manage their budget as they wish, choosing the mode of transport or accommodation that best suits them.

Important: I recommand you to book an accommodation that you can cancel the latest possible with no charge, until the workshop is confirmed.

We recommand that the participants arrive the day before the date of the workshop.

Every day we will meet at 10am in a different place of the city. We will draw outside all day long if the weather is ok. We will get inspired by different themes: buildings, people, a street atmosphere, details…).

We will have lunch together the first day of the workshop to get to know each other better, and the other days, each one is free to eat alone or with other participants. The workshop will go on after lunch until 5,30pm.

Important to highlight

– Small group workshop (approx 10 people).
– It is necessary to register in advance.
– Classes can be taught in Spanish, English and French.
– The price only includes the pedagogical part.
  Are not included: transportation, accommodation, meals, museum tickets, extraordinary expenses, nor material.
– We will dedicate our time to learning urban sketching. We will not have time for touristic visits.
– No obligation to eat together during the workshop, although we propose to have lunch together the first day to get to know each other better.
– We will travel mainly on foot and occasionally by public transport.
– Sketch Barcelona reserves the right to cancel the workshop if the minimum number of participants has not been reached, or due to Force Majeure.
– Our Force Majeure Policy does not cover travel problems due to COVID-19.

Practical aspects for before the workshop

Insurance. You can take out travel insurance to handle the practical aspects of the trip: flights delays or cancellation, theft and robbery, accommodation problems, illness or cancellation. Sketchbarcelona will be responsible only of the teaching part.

Accommodation. You can book an accommodation through pages such as, Trivago, Airbnb … It is better to choose an accomodation in the centre of the city, or that it is well connected (bus, train or metro).

Folding chair or stool
. I recommend you bring a folding stool to be able to sit anywhere and draw comfortably. The floor can be dirty or damp. You can find them in Decathlon or Amazon, in the hunting and fishing section.

Additional information

Please consider preparing a list of important contacts in order to manage travel risks or specific needs.

For example:

  • Address and telephone number of the Consulate of your country of residence.
  • Health insurance abroad, travel insurance if you have one, (accommodation, means of transportation, loss or theft of personal property, etc)
  • Details of your bank in case of loss or theft of your credit card

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