Sketching course in Can Felipa

Draw with color pens and pencils


When drawing, you don’t have to always use black ink.

do not hesitate to explore your materials and experiment with your color pens and pencils.

Color Sanguine, Dark Sepia from Faber-Castell, or blue will give your drawing a peaceful apsect. Meanwhile orange or red line will give your drawing a vivid and dynamic aspect.

You can also use 2 colors o even more.

Don’t forget, the important thing is to enjoy while sketching.

Some brands:

  • Bic pen 4 colors
  • Faber-Castell  S, M o L, Sanguine and Dark Sepia
  • Staedtler, Micron,
  • Gel pens Muji, or Uniball.

An advice:
If you want to add painting to your drawing,  be careful to use waterproof pens.

Try and enjoy yourself!




Color pens
Staedlter Color pens

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